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I have been prescribed a Specialty Medication, now what?
Specialty medications cover many complex conditions that will usually require special handling and administration. Our board certified pharmacists at Realo Specialty Care can help get your medication approved by your insurance and provide extensive training on administering your specialty medication. We will be with you every step of the way.
Do I need a prior authorization?
Most specialty prescriptions will require a prior authorization (PA) due to the high costs of the medication. Our pharmacists work closely with your health care provider to get the required medical information to your insurance. We will keep you and your provider up to date each step of the process.
Occasionally, your insurance company may require you to use a different specialty pharmacy. If this occurs, our staff will notify you and your healthcare provider to let you know which pharmacy will fill your medication.
What if I can't afford my medication?
Higher out of pocket costs occur sometimes with specialty medications. Realo Specialty Care Team members will help you access more affordable medications at every given opportunity. We will take you through every step of the patient assistance process from start to finish. Our financial assistance form can be found below.
Financial Assistance Form
How will I get my medication?
We can deliver via FedEx right to your home, to one of our other Realo locations, or to a destination of your choosing at no extra cost to you. With your shipment you will receive our welcome letter, patient education material on your medication and the disease we are treating, and a Realo refill reminder card that will display your next refill date and the date of our refill call.
Why do I need a refill call?
We want to make sure you never run out of medication. A Specialty Care team member will contact you 7 days before your medication is scheduled to be refilled to discuss your next delivery date and will also ask a few questions to make sure the medication is still a fit for you. These calls are very important in providing the best care for your individual needs.
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